Burns Night 2020

Every January 25 (or thereabouts) each year, people all around the world celebrate Robert Burns’s birthday by participating in Burns Night (also known as Burns Supper).

A Burns Supper is a sit down dinner, followed by thoughtful and often humorous speeches, some poetry reading and singing of his beautiful verses, a demonstration of Highland Dancing and Celtic Harp music. And, of course there will be bagpipes and haggis! It is a fun Scottish cultural event and is truly unique.

Join in on the fun by participating in one (or more!) of the area Burn Nights at the Country Squire, MacGregor Downs or Trali. Each will feature a traditional meal, bagpipe music and of course, haggis!

Burns Night at MacGregor Downs

Additional information at https://www.facebook.com/events/838369876633435/

Burns Night at The Country Squire

Reservations can be made directly to The Country Squire 910-296-1727 or contact Donald Ross welake87@gmail.com / 919-934-1915.

For the past several years all SCOT members have received a ticket for an extra glass of wine or beer, and this tradition will continue as a token of thanks to our members for their support.

Additional information at countrysquirewinery.com/events.html

Burns Night at Trali

Additional information/buy tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/flavor-of-scotland-burns-night-supper-tickets-88281575569